Visit The Most Amazing Snorkeling Spot In Florida!


Devil’s Den: The Best Snorkeling In Florida

Where is the best place to snorkel in Florida? That would be the magestical Blue Hole in Devil’s Den, Williston, Florida.

The entrance to the spring head is via these steps which looks more ominous than it really is. You must duck at the bottom depending on your height to get to the platform which is currently submerged due to rain. When we went, it was waist high. We stood there for a few minutes to acclimate to the 72 degree water which at first is cold, but just takes a minute or two. Other people just went right in.

The spring is crowded on weekends, we went on a holiday weekend, which of course has a few more visitors. They do limit the number of people who are in the den and there is a rotation of people coming in and out. This is about as full as it gets. It’s most crowded on the entry platform pictured below where people are getting in and out.

There was still room to explore once you got off the ramp. Some of us lingered on the ramp a little longer than others ; ) It was cold! But I was fine after about 3 minutes, lol. Here is Jeff patiently waiting for me…It really is magical. Felt a bit like a set for an episode of Star Trek. They give you a 2 hour limit and that really is plenty of time for one day.

The park has a few other diving ponds (see below) however they were closed the day we went.

They have food trucks, picinic tables, and a few games but other than that, the spring is really the only attraction at this campground which is small and basically just dirt, grass, and trees. So when camping here, you will want to venture out for some fun beyond the spring. 

We enjoyed this ice cream shop : )

We also recommend a day trip to Rainbow Springs State Park to go tubing which is about a half hour drive from Devil’s Den. Here’s a video to get a glimpse of what tubing is like at Rainbow Springs. You need to rise and shine, because the park limits the number of visitors and often fills up by 10 am and you will see lines of cars waiting for people to leave so you can get in. Rainbow Springs does have a nicer campground than Devil’s Den, but it does not have the full hook ups that our rig needs.

Happy Camping!

Snorkeling Cruise Excursion in Cozumel


Cozumel is a favorite retreat for our family. A relaxing, friendly, and captivating escape.We prefer the more quiet Playa San Juan (San Juan Beach) on the west side of the island. Here you receive the royal treatment.Cozumel beaches are a combination of limestone and sand. The dining is open air, with the atlantic framed purposefully beyond limestone archways.

Umbrella tables greet you poolside.Beach chairs await you oceanside and down beneath the rocky shore, the waters teem with treasure.

Our days spent in Cozumel are always days well spent.

Snorkeling Cozumel Mexico


We take frequent cruises all onboard Royal Caribbean. This post is a detail of our snorkeling excursion from our recent cruise to Cozumel

Cozumel is a Caribbean island just off of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Our ship, the Liberty of the Seas, brought us into port on a perfect day.

We did not book an excursion through Royal Caribbean. We wanted to plan our own more relaxed schedule and so we took a taxi (Minivan) downtown for $15 for our group of 6. We took a casual stroll through the street shops along the water.

We took a cab back to the ship for lunch and then we decided to go snorkeling. When you get off the ship and into port, there are a lot of little shops and street vendors and opportunities for may excursions. We talked to a guy holding up a sign for multiple activities and told him we wanted to go snorkeling. He said $25 each including taxi ride to and fro.

We were a little hesitant to go with a street vendor, but, we were up for an adventure. He told us if we didn’t enjoy the day that we would not have to pay him and that if we did enjoy the day, we could pay him after he dropped us back off at the ship. Deal. We hopped in the cab and off we went. To our surprise we arrived at a beautiful private resort called Club Cozumel Caribe.

No crowds. so far so good.

Our taxi driver introduced us to our snorkel guides and a underwater photographer who would take pictures of our dive.

We sat on a coral bench with much anticipation and waited as our guides went to get our gear.

Then, into the water we went.

The guides brought fish food to stir up the fish. They were everywhere!

We saw spider crabs, stingrays, puffer fish and tons of tropical fish.

The island is in deep water and there is a shelf that drops off a little ways after the roped off swimming area. I turned around to see a “wall” of large fish sitting very still. They were barracuda. Over 30 of them. The guides did not point them out and tried to turn our attention to smaller safer things. Nor did they take a picture : ( But it was one of the most wondrous things I have ever seen, here’s a pic from the web to give you an idea.

Tara did not want to know about the barracuda.

I was like “Hi fish!”

We highly recommend the guided snorkeling trip to Club Cozumel Caribe. Cost was an incredibly low $25 each including cab ride. Digital photos on a disc taken by personal underwater photographer cost $55. We tipped them generously. A trip similar to that here in Florida or elsewhere would cost much more. I look forward to returning one day again soon. Adios!